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In Her Own Words...
From Marguerite McGee, Creator of SleepTop™

Nobody wants to sleep in a bra!

I admit it: I used to sleep in a bra ... and I thought I was the only one.

Since creating SleepTop™ I have discovered that millions of women sleep in bras for many reasons. Some sleep in bras because of the size of their breasts. Some sleep in bras because their breasts get swollen and tender during pregnancy, nursing, or that time of month. Others do it because they've had surgery in the area (augmentation, reduction, cyst removal, etc.). Young girls do it for modesty purposes. Most women who sleep in bras do so due to discomfort caused by gravity.

Years ago when I gained weight (about 70 pounds), my bra size went from a 34C to a 38DD. Sleeping with a bra on (which is not comfortable!) became more comfortable than sleeping without one. Which says a lot about the discomfort of sleeping with large breasts. When my bra size came down to a 32E, I still needed the support. I wanted to sleep comfortably and not be pulled on. I wanted to feel supported through the night, but I just couldn't find a bra that was comfortable enough.

Bras are designed to lift and separate a woman's breasts while she's standing up straight, and they're sturdily constructed with wires and uncomfortable fabrics. What I really wanted was something to sleep in that supported me where I needed, but was as soft and comfortable as my favorite t-shirt.

So I designed the SleepTop™. It is for anyone who wants her breasts to be softly and gently held in place. I kept style in mind, too. I didn't want it to have an orthopedic look. It had to be cute and sexy enough that I could wear it in front of my significant other while going about my morning routine or lounging around the house in the evening.

Since the beginning, we have added many more SleepTop™ styles. We now offer a tank, a chemise and a gown, and some matching accessory items, like the cover-up, boxer, and cropped pant. We are planning other specialty versions, like SleepTop™ for younger girls, maternity styles, and items for women who have undergone mastectomy surgery.

SleepTop™ is truly a unique product. There is nothing else out there that is this comfortable, attractive, and supportive. SleepTop™ is the most comfortable thing I own, and I think you'll feel the same.

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